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Majesty in Flight Drop earrings


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Ascend to unparalleled elegance adorned with these exceptional, handcrafted majestic bird earrings. Each pair is a unique masterpiece, intricately embroidered and lavishly embellished. Featuring Swarovski crystals, the allure of vintage-style pave flowers, and the dazzling grace of drop crystal diamante, these earrings are adorned with remnants from the stunning Harlow Loves Daisy match-back Kimono, ensuring an unparalleled synergy of opulence.
Wearing these statement earrings is an invitation to captivate the room and be the undeniable focal point of the evening. Prepare for heads to turn as the exquisite details and glamorous design spark conversations and elevate your presence with an aura of sophistication and charm.

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Product Details

Majesty in Flight Drop earrings


– Total length 23.5cm

– Total width 8.8cm

Embroidery bird: 10.5cm long by 5.8cm wide

925 Sterling silver stud earring
Embroidery birds with cup chain diamante tassel and hand embellished with Swarovski crystals, sequin embroidery and beads.