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Floral Opulence Cross Earrings


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Dazzle in these extraordinary earrings adorned with intricately carved metal flowers, a Mother of Pearl (MOP) shell cross, and a delicate diamante cross charm. Uniquely crafted, these earrings seamlessly blend diverse jewelry elements, resulting in a stunning one-of-a-kind design.
Perfectly complementing the embellished corset and Harlow Loves Daisy full skirt, these earrings guarantee a show-stopping entrance. Elevate your style with this exceptional accessory, capturing attention with its exquisite details and harmonious fusion of elements.

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Product Details

Floral Opulence Cross Earrings


– Total length including flower studs: 8.4cm

– Total width 3.5cm

Metal flower stud earrings: 2.9cm wide

Please note these earrings are not sterling silver and real gold plated like most of our other designs. The Flowers are originally a pair of Zara earrings that I converted to this set. If you are allergic to metals please don’t buy these for yourself.

Carved shell cross

Please note that the crosses are real shell and are therefore very delicate. Please avoid dropping them as much as you can.
Glass diamante on metal cross