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Dolce tonal Floral stud earrings


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Indulge in the allure of these exquisite multi-colored stone-set flower earrings, a captivating discovery sourced from a memorable journey to Korea. While not crafted by Leeli Design, these earrings hold a special place among our unique finds from our travels.
These floral treasures are a testament to the beauty found in every corner of the world. Their vibrant hues and intricate design make them perfect for effortlessly elevating your everyday style – pair them with a simple white T-shirt and jeans for a touch of casual elegance. For a more glamorous statement, harmonize these earrings with our striking Dolce necklace and headpiece, ensuring a breathtaking ensemble that commands attention and exudes a captivating wow factor.

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Product Details

Dolce tonal Floral stud earrings


– Total length: 2.7cm

– Total width 2.6cm

Please note these earrings are not sterling silver and real gold plated like most of our other designs. If you are allergic to metals then please do not buy these.
Glass diamante/ Brass metal/ Gunmetal plating