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Butterfly statement open collar necklace


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A one of a kind and unique open collar necklace with real 14K gold plated brass leaves and flowers, with vintage resin butterfly, embroidered flowers. A mix of Swarovski crystals, Dies Howlite (orange and red), Amazonite, and glass handwoven together to create this amazing statement necklace.

This necklace looks amazing with casual daywear or to jazz up any outfit on a special occasion!  This design is sure to turn heads and make you feel fabulous.


Product Details

Butterfly statement open collar necklace



– 12inch open collar necklace

– 12.5cm at widest point across the inner diameter of the collar

– Necklace designed to sit like a choker/ very high necklace on your neck

– Leaf section on right is approx. 14.6 cm long

– Leaf section on left is approx. 8.5 cm long


***For technique on how to best put this necklace on and off please watch the video link tutorial***


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This item is handmade and unique.

No two designs are the same so you will literally be wearing a one off original design.

The components are designed and sourced by myself from across the globe and then handwoven together to create this collar necklace.

The base metal is brass and this is plated with 1 micron plating in 14K gold