Meet Bruce! The embellished bridal hair comb

This commission was for a gorgeous lady who was not sure what she really wanted to do with her hair until fairy close to the wedding. She thought she wanted her hair half up and half down and we discussed how beautiful it would be to have some feature piece with the veil coming from underneath. So this is what we did!

The hair comb slipped behind the veil so in the evening the veil could be removed and the hair comb could remain with a bit of a helping hand.

This was hand embellished with real silver wire, Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls, shell flowers and a lot of love.

I unfortunately don’t have any images of the design in progress but below you can see the inspiration and the finished design being word by the beautiful bride.

Oh…and I am sure you are wondering what ‘Bruce’ is all about? Well for some reason throughout the making of this design I kept referring to the hair comb as a him. ‘He is going along nicely’ or he feels like he needs a bit more added to him’ etc We ended up having a running joke that this gorgeous very feminine design was a male and decided his name should be Bruce! …and what a beauty bruce is x