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Welcome to our Global designer’s platform where we source and sell the most special, unique handmade and crafted designs across the Globe.

After decades of travel and buying many jewellery and accessories pieces that inspire and excite us, we now want to share these little gems with you too!

Watch as this area grows with new talent from across the World.

Alena's Joy Zhang is a UK jewellery artist/ designer who embraces the bohemian spirit, the empowerment of natural stones and her love of the mysteries of ancient cultures and symbols. Alena reconnects the past with the modern world creating limited edition enchanting pieces of wearable art.
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‘In flower’ is made by a Chinese jewellery artist called Cici who loves integrating nature with special metals and materials. Each item is unique and integrates real dried flowers, shell, precious beading and charms to create a range of creative, artisanal designs for a range of occasions.
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